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Fleet Fruit was founded in 1933 by Michael Vacca.  Its first location was on Fleet Street in the North End of Boston. Fleet Fruit began as a pushcart business and grew into a retail store where local customers and eating establishments shopped.  In the 1950’s the business turned wholesale.  Tony and Louis Vacca, Michael’s sons eventually took over the business in the early 1960’s.

In 1961 at age 22, Giosue “Joe” Rossetti Sr. came to the United States to join his uncle Michael and cousins Tony and Louis.  Years later he was joined by his brother Gerrardo “Gerry” Rossetti. 

In 1982, after Joe had spent years working 7 days a week, Tony Vacca offered him the business. Joe invited his brother Gerry to be his equal partner, and together, they purchased Fleet Fruit. Joe’s son, Joseph Jr. came on board full time as the company's floor manager. Joseph Jr. knew the business well; he’d been helping out part time since he was 11 years old, working on weekends and during school vacations.  10 years later, Gerry’s son, John, who had also worked in the warehouse as a teenager, came on board full time as a delivery driver.

In 1999 Joe and Gerry moved the business to a warehouse across the street from the New England Produce Center in Chelsea, MA.  The move enabled Fleet Fruit to expand their offerings.  Not only could they offer the freshest fruit and vegetables available, but they now were able to offer dairy, grocery items, gourmet cheeses and ethnic food products.

Over the years Joe and Gerry developed long lasting relationships with growers, local farmers and salesmen in the Produce Market.  These relationships have resulted in preferential treatment for quality and pricing.

In 2006, Joe and Gerry retired from the business.  Joe Jr. and John now run Fleet Fruit's day-to-day operations.    

Fleet Fruit · 105 Market Street · Chelsea, MA 02150 · 617.884.0472 · fax 617.884.2160 · sales@fleetfruit.com